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Earlier occupied by Osaka Moo’s Lippo Mall Puri outlet, I believed you’ve passed this place before or prolly have dined in there as well. This sizable 3-storey space surely was visible and accommodative for bigger group of people. You might be not familiar with the name, but that’s totally fine as they’re indeed just there for 3 weeks, even not yet celebrating their grand opening. Nonetheless, they’ve been more than ready to serve the dishes freshly crafted in the kitchen to fulfill your hunger. 

The place felt homey, especially the first level where they had the swing-alike seats. The space was also suitable for bigger family, having long communal table at the center. It’s also a great idea to place the beverage bar at the center, where people could enjoy the life show of their beverage being processed from scratch. 

The interior blended monochrome colors, wooden pattern, as well as some touch of marbles. On several corners they made racks next to the walls, where coffee-making equipment, tableware, as well as green plants were beautifully displayed. Surrounded by glass windows, you could enjoy the view of people passing by as well as clear blue sky. My sweetest spot would doubtlessly be the ratan swing next to that window where I could enjoy the outside scenery while simultaneously get the snapshot of the whole cafe. 

Previously owning a cake shop, the owner this time wanted to spread the wings to savory dishes. As they’re still in soft opening period, the choices of dishes were pretty limited and kinda dynamic as she’s still trying to figure out the best set to go with. Most of the options were Western-themed, and dominated by pasta-based ones. 

Rigatoni Pie (IDR 65k)

I initially thought this would literally be a pie with rigatoni coming as the toppings; yeah that double carbo dish which was usually sinful yet pleasant. Surprisingly it’s rigatoni pasta being round-shaped like a pie, then dressed with beef ragout and mozzarella on top. The pasta was cooked al-dente, but unfortunately the sauce needed that ‘stronger kick’ of flavor as it’s pretty bland for my palate. I was hoping the sauce could get infused to the rigatoni, so I could enjoy mix of flavors in each spoon, instead of like eating 2 separated dishes. Nonetheless, there’s always reason to be thankful; they’re pretty lavish for the toppings especially the mozzarella!

Chicken Lemon Cream Linguine (IDR 72k)

Another pasta, but this one was prolly more on the mainstream side, serving another al-dente cooked one, linguine! I was always in love with anything creamy for Western dishes and bluntly speaking I put much hope into this one as I could usually easily be pleased by this type of sauce. However, I guessed they needed to make the mushroom lemon cream sauce to be a bit salty and adding more flavors into it as it seemed to not deliver that surprising taste to make it stand out. Again toppings wise I had no issue and was even delighted by how they’re royal for the mushroom and the chicken cutlets. These pan-seated protein pieces were tender and yummy, and luckily became the extra flavors to complement the carbo. 

Chicken Florentine (IDR 82k)

Now it came to the turn of the one that’s distinctive from the first two. Mashed potato came as the substitute to the pasta, being served with pan-fried chicken, sautéed spinach, and tomato pesto cream sauce. Not only the components were different, the taste was exceptional as well, featuring richer combination of spices. The savory taste was boldly presented and the creamy sauce did came as perfect pair to the other components. Thanks to the sautéed spinach which wasn’t only healthy but never failed to spoil my palate. Nyuummm!

Red Velvet Cake (IDR 45k)
*sorry for missing the picture*

The beautiful one in red which had ever been a massive trend, and managed to survive till now. When you first entered the venue, you first got exposed to the sweets displayed on the showcase next to the front entrance. Initially being a patisserie before coming up with this cafe, the choices of desserts they served were quite abundant. 

The cake size pretty much explained the price. The taste was actually okay but it’s slightly too dry. I guessed they might want to wrap the cakes upon being sliced to keep them moist. 

Layered Cheesecake (IDR 40k)

If the earlier one was my friend’s choice, this was mine. It reminded me of old-style cheesecake with simple sponge cake combined with layers of cheese cream in between. Pretty similar problem to the earlier, it’s also bit too dry and I thought the cream layers were more to butter than cream. If I might advise, I wished they could substitute it with creamier ingredients to avoid people getting nauseated. 

Thai Mille Crepes 

Yeay! Complimentary from the house <3. Gorgeously presented mille crepe with the decoration of elephant on top, representing its origin - Thailand. Being a big fan of Thai Tea, I had my high expectation set on this slice and thankfully it did go beyond. The bold Thai Tea flavor blended in well with the smooth crepes. I was in love with the texture, being at the right stage between light and dense. Simply said, it’s a slice of non-mainstream indulgence. 

Hot Butterscotch Latte (IDR 40k)

Unique flavors which I couldn’t commonly find in all places always captured my attention well and made me not able to resist trying them, not to exclude this Butterscotch Latte. I knew it’s syrup but surely there’s no harm in trying. The coffee taste was medium-to-strong bodied one, but not acidic, exactly like what my taste bud loved. The fragrance was delightful as well, but the syrup doze might be too much causing it to be too sweet. Next time I would surely request for less syrup and I believed it would be my cup of perfection!

Hot Double-shot Cappuccino (IDR 42k)
Opting for the standard one, but adding extra shot, my friend got his ultimate satisfaction as the coffee was awesome! Well I guessed this place would be on out most fave list for coffee now ;)

Despite Neoma didn’t call itself as coffee specialist, surprisingly what I loved the most from this place was its coffee. I was also pleased by how nice and open the owner was in getting the inputs from the guests, especially during this soft-opening period. I couldn’t wait for the grand one, when they might come with more new stuffs and surely much better improvement.

Taste: 6.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Lippo Mall Puri GF @ The St. Moritz, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 811 88888 14
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Kaca Jakarta

When I heard the name Kaca, I was wondering what it would actually mean, then I got my complete understanding once I arrived there, standing right in front of the venue. It might be pretty tricky to find as there’s no single signboard showing where the cafe actually resided. Luckily they put their phone number on the Instagram account so I could give’em a call and right away find it. Yep, it did mention that the cafe was next to Fortune Spa right across Citiwalk, but the missing name there gave me a doubt on which one would actually be it. Well, prolly should be taken into consideration by the owner ;)

The building was literally covered by glass windows and looked more like an office building than a cafe. I wasn’t sure if indeed it used to be an office but now transformed into a cafe, but from the conversation I overheard (oops sorry), apparently there’s a reconstruction planned on the venue itself. The current one had pretty much represented the name though and I found it so funny looking at their takeaway paper cups using the tagline of ‘Sudah ngaca belom?’.

It was a gigantic space, designed like joint living room with different setting for each table. I wasn’t sure if later when they redecorated the space they would let it be like this or they might make several private rooms as the size did allow them to do so. It was very convenient and I loved to be in a spacious coffeeshop as it gave me the impression of being free and relax. 

The big coffee bar became the order point as well and the center of attention as they displayed the pastries to accompany your caffeine cups at this particular corner. Croissants, cakes, simple sponge cake and even traditional savory snacks were there sitting in arrays. 

For the ones whose tummy could only get satisfied by nothing but rice, there were several main courses serving Indonesian cuisines with rice as the main carbo, such as fried rice, grilled rice, and others. 

Hot White 5oz (IDR 33k)

The house looked very confident with their beans when they knew you’re a coffee lover. The barista asked me if I was more into black or white and I surely opted for the latter. Yep, better go light on weekend ;). As usual, the common choices were there and I went for cappuccino. I was enchanted by this premiere trial as my cup gave that fruity flavor with light acidity at the first sip, but clean after-taste in the end. The body level also suited my liking well, being at medium, close to strong level. Great opening of the day!

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake (IDR 38k)
Having been stuck for awhile in the dilemmatic moment when I had to choose one from the 3 selections of the sliced cakes, I finally picked the most peculiar one, Pandan Gula Melaka! Yeah, this was also the one they called out as their signature and most favorite. OK, let’s give it a try then. 

Though I did think it’s bit pricey with the quite tiny slice, but the taste wasn’t bad. It’s kinda similar to pandan sponge cake, but probably a bit more dense. I did wish it to be slightly more moist, but I was impressed by the gula melaka layers in between and on top. The sweetness from it well complemented the other flavors and the additional shredded coconut made it go better. Somehow I felt like eating either putu or klepon, but in the form of sliced cake. 

Almond Croissant (IDR 22k)

I was almost ordering another sliced cake, when I spotted this Almond Croissant and somehow felt it shouted to me that I shouldn’t miss it. The appearance looked so tempting with that crumbling almond layer on top. I was totally a lame in this and I guessed my tongue worked faster than my brain, and ‘Bump!! It’s there in the order!!’

Smelling the hypnotizing aroma only could already tell me how distinctive it would turn out. Slicing it for the first bite got me more excited as I could get exposed to the crushed almond paste stuffed in this crunchy golden-brown layers. Seriously, hands up!! I couldn’t love it more than I did in this first attempt. Such a mesmerizing one, that made another bite seemed unstoppable. Flawless combination of butter, almond, and milk flavors in an exquisitely-served pastry!

I wouldn’t say too much anymore, I could just simply wish this ‘glass house’ was just next door so I could wake up to this beautiful indulgence every day <3. One thing for sure, I’m looking forward to being the first customer munching your almond croissant in the newly reconstructed outlet!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

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Address: Jl. KH Mas Mansyur 129 - 130, Jakarta (next to Fortune Hotel)
Phone: (+62) 811 120 7779
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm, Sat - Sun 9am - 6pm

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Balloon and Whisk PIK

Wow, such a peculiar couple!”, exactly the first thought came into my mind. No wonder why, it’s a balloon and a whisk, both of which I’ve never seem before being put together into a joint. Well, I couldn’t tell in my mind how the two could work together LOL. Nonetheless, featuring this uniqueness, this newly opened cafe in PIK area indeed caught my curiosity to pay a visit. 

It’s always nice to be back to Pantai Indah Kapuk, figuring out many changes have been delivered. Some new ones came, some existing ones went away; what a dynamic life! It’s just always like ‘oh man, I’d just been here couple months ago and now they had another new stars??!?’. Even that sometimes led to unplanned visits to multiple places, depending on where the feet and the brain got me into. 

For Balloon and Whisk, this time I intentionally came there, as I’d been waiting for this premiere visit time as the cutie ‘fairy-tale-alike’ interior couldn’t get my eyes away from its pictures. Finally I could witness with my naked eyes how it really looked like. It’s indeed an elegant and kinda girly one, somehow crafting the feeling that made you want to whisper ‘Ooohh. So sweet! <3

Being a specialist in cookies, when you had your initial door-open, you would first meet the stacks of cookie-boxes being neatly arranged right at the center to draw the attention of the guests. The concepts were all well built, presenting different theme in each of the variants. They got me really impressed there, and I couldn’t think of other things but this was an amazing gift to share. 

Coming deeper to the back of the venue, you would meet the garden arrangement, just like the classic setting in fairy tale. Big green trees, marble furniture, and a hint of golden-lines in the decoration; feeling like a princess going to dine at the palace’s backyard. 

It’s kinda surprising when looking at the menu and I then figured out they mainly featured Indonesian local dishes for the main courses as places with such concept  were usually more into patisserie or Western-themed ones. Well, but I would definitely not mind as long as what’s landed on my table later could give the same satisfaction. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)

Starting point? Well you made a great guess there if you just mentioned this caffeine cup, yep nothing but coffee. My second cup of the day, but I didn’t know why, no matter how much I had it, how close the gap between the timing was, it seemed like the law of diminishing return didn’t prevail here. Honestly speaking the aroma wasn’t that tempting, but presentation wise it’s not bad at all and I was deeply in love with the color of my cup. I wouldn’t demand much as they indeed didn’t mention anything related to coffee specialist, and lucky me to set such preliminary thought as my first sip did tell I precisely made my guesstimate this time; slightly acidic, medium bodied, but overall was okay. 

Nasi Kucing (IDR 7k)

As I wasn’t that hungry but thinking of having the combo of savory and sweet, so I tried to find something light and such a nice coincidence that this menu was there displayed on the showcase together with its ‘other family members’. Yep, various choices of toppings to accompany the petite-sized rice wrapped in leaf, which will be re-heated when ordered. I picked the squid one which was surprisingly too spicy for my palate. Unfortunately the squid amount was very limited, but for sure I needed to tolerate that as the dish came in very affordable price. In case you weren’t that much into prawn, there were other choices like chicken and fish. Well, not a bad one just to give that blink of savory flavor on the taste bud. 

Chocolate Rocher (IDR 60k)

Fulfilling my expectation, I did go for the gigantic cake, which I knew was quite too much for single player but yeah let’s forget the hips for awhile and let the tummy get satisfied. I guessing you would also get as confused as I was when standing in front of the dessert showcases as everything there was apparently coming in ‘XL size’. Some might think it’s kinda pricey but looking at the size I still perceived it as worthy. 

I initially kinda underestimated the cake as I badly thought it might turn out quite dry, but it got my mouth shut and simply fell into the indulgence. The chocolate sponge cake layers were deliciously delivered in moist texture, being in beautiful balance between light and dense. The chocolate ganache covering the cake and the chocolate cream layers in between were my biggest crush due to their bold chocolate taste, making them turned out not overly sweet. Not to mention the nougat covering the top part which simply added extra addiction to this piece of sinful pleasure. 

However, if you just thought ‘eeerrmmm.... no no... I was not a cake person’, actually you might go for other options like doughnut (ps. It’s not the kind of o-ring you would finish in several-bites since the diameter was even more than a common saucer I guesstimated), croissants, danish, bread, and even some traditional sweets (yep, that typical homemade ones even like banana fritters!). 

If you’re hoping around PIK area and you’re much into new places, Balloon and Whisk could be one of your options, particularly if you’re looking for nice place to spend longer time. Perhaps easier to find parking space as well since it resided in the second-layer alley where there was less intensity of the crowd. You might also be interested to find some cutie pies (read: cookies) for gift-giving ;)

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Rukan Eksklusif Blok G No. 34, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 811 1766 855
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 6pm