Thursday, July 31, 2014

Distinctive Menu at MOJO Kitchen and Bar

I had been hearing a lot about MOJO before I finally could go here. My sister, who is also my partner-in-eating, had kept asking when we would visit MOJO. And finally, here we were to enjoy our brunch!

By the time I entered the place, I immediately fell in love with the decoration. They were so smart in developing their design. The big windows located all over the place allowed the sunlight to enter the restaurant and made it a perfect place to capture your wonderful moments (including your foods :p). Actually the venue was not that big, but the homey ambience would definitely make you want to stay longer. What a perfect place to chill with friends!

So what’s on the table for today?
Classic Taco de Lengua (IDR 55k)
Taco with steak, pico de gallo, jalapeno relish, guasacaca, taco sauce, olive tomato rice, grilled scallion

The portion was ideal for appetizer, as the size was neither too big nor too small. The toppings were quite rich as you can see, they were quite generous in giving the slices of beef. However, you’d better enjoying the dish when it was still warm as the beef was actually not that juicy. Luckily, after being mixed with the veggies and taco sauce, and wrapped with the thin dough; this dish turned to be quite good opening for today’s brunch. 

Fried Chicken & Waffle (IDR 88k) 
Deep-fried chicken breast served with waffle, mustard sauce, and maple syrup

One of the signature dishes of MOJO, which I believe you have seen for several times on your Instagram’s page. At first, I thought this dish was kinda weird. But then the first bite had proven the opposite. The sweet taste from waffle and maple syrup combined with the savoury taste from crispy fried chicken turned this dish to be exceptional! 

Ferrero Rocher Milkshake (IDR 45k)

I would not give much comment on this beverage as I chose to give ‘so-so’ rating for it. For me, it’s just like general chocolate milkshake as I did not get the Ferrero Rocher taste in it.    

Peanut Butter Cheesecake (IDR 69k) 
Cheesecake with peanut butter spread and strawberry topping

A restaurant will always leave a memorable experience for me if its dessert is distinctive. Dessert is extremely important as the last part should always be the best one. This time, MOJO has perfectly ended my brunch session. Peanut butter cheesecake, I’ve always loved this dessert as I really love every single component of it. When it was served on my table, I saw that this dish was actually different from my expectation as I thought that the peanut butter was mixed together with the cheesecake instead of being used as topping. But once again, the taste surprised me as it actually tasted just right! The cheesecake was so moist, and the salty peanut butter topping was generously given. Moreover, the additional strawberry toppings completed the dish with fresh element.

Actually, there were more dishes on the menu I was really curious to try. However, I already felt really full at that time and my tummy said it had been prosperous enough on that day. I guess another visit will come real soon so kindly be patient to see the next review :) .


As promised, I finally came with the update for you. Of course more info about the other menu, so keep scrolling down ;)

Nachos (IDR 45k)

I guessed picking Nachos as appetizer has never gone wrong. Especially, if your Nachos came with rich toppings, absolutely a double-happiness moment! Beautifully served with Minced Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno Relish, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole and Sour Cream; this Nachos was surely an ideal choice to start your tummy prosperity experience. You could get the completely satisfying combination of savory, cheesy, as well as refreshing taste.

Californian Cheeseburger (IDR 65k)

If I asked you to guess which part of this burger was the best one, I believed you could easily give me the answer just by looking at the picture. Yes! It was definitely that thick beef patty, which did not only look so tempting, but indeed tasted brilliant! The beef was tender, juicy, and super rich in flavor. Another part that should never be missed from a burger besides the patty was surely the cheese! The American Cheddar Cheese stuffed together with the patty has successfully come as a perfect companion for this wonderful burger. Just one thing, it would actually be even more delicious if the cheese was given in more generous portion as I loved everything cheesy :p. Not to forget, the lettuce also had to be there to represent the healthy part of the dish (Yeah. One of my excuses to say that this dish was healthy :p). Last but not least were the golden brown shoestring fries besides the burger, which I believe did not need to be further explained, since it seemed that they were always loved by everyone.

Lychee Ice Tea (IDR 35k)

One of the most mainstream beverage to order, yeah Lychee Ice tea. LOL. However, I had to admit that Mojo’s Lychee Ice Tea could be said as the quite rich one, which might actually be represented by the fairly high price. As you could see, the lychee was abundantly given and it was also completed with slices of fresh lemon, which made it become even more revitalizing!

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 9.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Kertanegara No. 70, Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 9200 0529, (021) 722 9330
Operating hours: Mon – Sun 11.00am – 12.00am

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger

The first thing coming into my mind when I hear about Eric Kayser is I just want to be like him. Ever since he was a toddler, he had already had the dream to travel around the world and became a baker. What I really love from him is he has the courage to reach it and finally he makes it. Currently, people can find more than 100 Eric Kayser Boulangeries spread in more than 15 countries. Lucky me, one of those stores is now available in Jakarta and it is just a 10-minute walk from my boardinghouse!

Located at the 3rd floor of Plaza Senayan, Eric Kayser is now occupying the space that used to be Nannini’s. At first, I was quite disappointed knowing that Nannini closed their store here as I really love their Fettuccine Carbonara. However, by the time I found out that the replacer was Eric Kayser, my mind changed by 180 degree.

They sell high quality bread and viennoseries (croissants, bichons, and danishes), which are all freshly baked every day. For the savoury lovers, they also provide savoury tart, salad, pizza, sandwich, and many more French savoury dishes. And the most important (especially for me :p), they provide finest French pastries and coffee. For me who is a dessert lover and a coffee addict, Eric Kayser is my kind of heaven. I can enjoy their super-good-looking-yet-delicious cakes, while at the same time have a sip on my coffee. Definitely can be either a perfect brunch or an ideal tea time, isn’t it? :)

Now let’s go to the part you have been waiting, the foods!  

Fougasse Au Boeuf Grille (IDR 168k)

As I went there for brunch, I ordered savoury dish to fill in my empty tummy, and my choice is French Pizza (Fougasse). For me, the portion will be best shared by two to three people, especially if you want to save some space for desserts. Lucky me that I went there with my sister, my all-time culinary-trip partner who amazingly always has the same menu to order on our mind. 

We decided to order Fougasse Au Boeuf Grille as we read that this was the one with richest toppings. By the time the waitress served it on our table, we knew that we had made an ideal choice this time! You could see wide smiles on our faces as we saw generous amount of mozzarella and abundant slices of grilled rib eye on our pizza. Then what happened when it went into our mouth? Voila! Appearance did not lie this time. The taste was just perfect! The rib eye was so juicy and the mixture of the toppings just made us giving a YES for coming back again.

Mi Cuit / Chocolate Fondant (IDR 68k)
Then what comes next? I hear you say dessert :p. My choice was Mi Cuit (chocolate fondant cake), while my sister’s was Raspberry Tart. Yes I know that chocolate fondant is so easy to be made, but I don’t know why I’m always curious to order it every time I see it available on the menu. 

So here it was! My chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and crushed pistachio. Now it came to the best moment you could have with this cake, the time when you sliced the cake and saw the chocolate melted and made you drool. I was so ready to capture this ‘precious’ moment, but unfortunately, I didn’t see any melted chocolate :( . Fortunately, I had taken a shot of this cake before I sliced it. Trying to forget the disappointing moment, I then tasted the cake. It was such a mood-booster knowing that the taste was far above my expectation. The texture was so moist and I really loved the chocolate taste. The sweetness level was just perfect, making me want to have more and more spoons of it. As the companion, the vanilla ice cream was also great as it was light and not too creamy.

Raspberry Tart (IDR 60k)


Moving on to my sister’s dessert, the raspberry tart. For those who love the mixture of sweet and sour, this dessert is definitely you. The crispy pie crust was great as it was neither too sweet, nor too hard; and the combination of fresh sour raspberries and sweet cream had made the dish became a great mood-booster!

Hazelnut Latte (IDR 35k)

How about the drink? Yeah. Brunch will never be complete without a cup of coffee. So what’s on the table for today? Caramel latte and hazelnut latte. These two cups of flavored latte were great, the latte art was really nice, and you could choose your preferred sweetness level as they gave you the freedom to add the sugar by yourself. To complete the happiness of your taste bud, they also gave a mini financier for every cup of hot beverage purchased. There were several choices of flavors; chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio. I really loved all of them, but pistachio was the one successfully stole my heart. Give it a try, and when you want some more, you can buy either the mini (IDR 5k) or the large one (IDR 15k)

Additionally, call me lucky that Eric Kayser is just too close to my boardinghouse and yes, I have had my second visit as well. However, this time was only for having some desserts. 

Pistachio Eclair (IDR 40k)

Praline Eclair (IDR 45k)

As seen in the pictures, the éclairs look like they are screaming to you ‘Try me, try me!’. They were just so tempting until my sister and I could not resist ordering them on our second visit. Mine was pistachio, while my sister’s was praline. Both of them had very moist texture and very rich filling. The pistachio cream of my éclair would definitely make a pistachio lover could not stand to finish the whole éclair as soon as possible, since it was too good to be true. The praline one was also a heart-stealer as the size was more generous, and the praline cream combined with the toppings above the éclair had created a perfect match!

All in all, I think Eric Kayser deserves a try. They provide a complete package of great foods, great service, and great place. Although the price is relatively high, but it does reflect the quality earned.


Another visit to Eric Kayser! There were actually two reasons behind this, first of course as it was very close to my boardinghouse; second was it had several new dishes on the menu (even some of them were still 3 days old), which were definitely worth to try.

Ham & Cheese Croissant (IDR 82k)

Since I was having pizza as the savoury dish at my first visit, this time I chose to try their brunch menu, which was available from the opening time until 2pm. My choice went to this Ham & Cheese Croissant, which was basically croissant topped with beef ham and emmental cheese. Coming as the side dishes was lettuce and roasted tomato, and choice of egg (sunny side up, easy cook, or scrambled egg). I was quite disappointed with this dish as the first time it was served, the egg was cooked as sunny side up instead of easy cook, which was my request. The waiter then brought it into the kitchen again and changed it to the easy cook one. However, I was still upset looking at the presentation of the dish especially the egg, as for me it did not really show restaurant-quality presentation. Taste wise, it was okay but not for repeating order.
Royal (IDR 50k)

This dessert was surely a mood-curer for my lunch. As I was dissatisfied with the main course, an exceptional dessert was absolutely non-negotiable. Fortunately, this perfect combination of chocolate mousse and peanut butter has successfully fulfilled the requirement. The texture was moist and the chocolate taste was very strong. A doubtless choice for a chocolate-fanatic like me!
Foret Noire (IDR 50k)

Reflected by its name, this indeed was a Black Forrest cake, but in Eric Kayser’s version. The ingredients used as well as the taste were quite similar to Black Forrest, except that this one came in mousse form, instead of sponge cake form. Since the texture was creamy, which you might rarely find in common Black Forrest, I did love this cake (yeah I always love creamy desserts). It was a perfect innovation for me as I could get the taste of Black Forrest, in the form of creamy cake, which I really really loved.   

Coffee Walnut (IDR 50k)

I simply ordered this Coffee Walnut cake because it looked appealing. Additionally, it used coffee as the main ingredient, and yes I did love coffee so I thought why not giving it a try. Combining coffee cream and walnut on a pie crust, the taste was actually simple but quite enjoyable, though I might not want to order it for the second time. I guessed this might be a preference for those who love cake with creamy texture, but not having too sweet taste.  

Lemon Raspberry Tart (IDR 50k)

The presentation of this cake was surely the winner among all desserts I enjoyed in this lunch. Even before I tasted this cake, the presentation could already make me feel refreshed. The sparkling red color of the fresh raspberries definitely made me drool and could not wait to have a spoon of it. So guess how’s the taste? MARVELOUS! Served on the crunchy tart, the sour and succulent flavor from lemon and raspberry combined with the sweet vanilla cream taste, have certainly created a heavenly piece of cake. Since I ate this cake after having other ‘chocolatey’ dessert, it tasted even better as it came as the final refresher for my taste bud.

For you the sweet-tooth lovers, this might be a call for you to have your visit to Eric Kayser. Actually, they still have some new cakes and éclairs, which I have not tried as I was already very full. I guess my next visit to give a try on them will come real soon :p

Taste: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Place: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Plaza Senayan 3rd Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Operating hours: Mon – Sun 9.30am – 10.00pm
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