Sunday, November 30, 2014

Steaks Overload at Kemang Steak

Thanks to Indonesian Food Blogger and Kemang Steak for letting  me joining another foodie meet up, where I can meet new people who share exactly the same passion with me. Located at PIK, Kemang Steak is actually not a newly established restaurant. It’s been one of the most legendary steak house, which was started back then in 1992 at Kemang. For 16 years starting 1993, the outlet moved to Jalan Haji Nawi. It was then closed for around 5 years, and came back again this year, bringing the new modern concept.

The venue was a quite spacious 2-storey building, located next to Naughty Nuri’s. The place was cozy as it was now a restaurant, instead of warung steak. The service was highly pleasant as well, since the waiters and waitresses were very responsive and able to provide great reference for the recommended dishes. Not only that, all the owners were also very friendly.

As the core distinctive point, all the meat of Kemang steak were not marinated and would immediately be grilled on coconut shell charcoal. Besides, in prior to the grilling process, the meat would be covered with special sauce, which was basically the family’s recipe of the owner. Thus, during the grilling process, the sauce would be perfectly seeped into the meat. Not to forget, their signature barbeque sauce, which you could enjoy with your steak as much as you wished.

The steak itself was actually steak that has been adjusted to suit Indonesian’s taste bud. Thus, it would always be served with the “Indonesian salad”, which was basically the combination of carrot, snaps, and corn sautéed together. Regarding the meat quality, you needn’t worry as all the meat served here was imported ones. For the carbo part, there were several choices provided; ranging from potato wedges, mashed potato, and of course the one any Indonesian would always request, rice. For me, both their potato wedges and mashed potato were must-try! The potato wedges were perfectly friend into golden-brown, with crispy texture outside but very smooth inside. It was well-seasoned and you could strongly felt the rich taste. On the other hand, the mashed potato also perfectly suited my preference as it was so moist and it had slight milk taste.

Mashed Potatoes (IDR 25k)

Beef Ribs (IDR 55k)

My personal order was the Beef Ribs, whose size was apparently quite small. The taste was quite good as it was well-seasoned, but I had to admit that this one was not my favorite. If I might suggest, I guessed it would be far better with less fat.  

Australian Sirloin (IDR 68k)

Australian T-Bone 150gr (IDR 60k)

Australian Rib Eye (IDR 75k)

I was so happy finding out that we were also served with several dishes to be shared. Besides, I did try some of my friends’ dishes. For the beef ones, I had Australian Sirloin, T-Bone, and Rib Eye. Taste wise, they were pretty much the same as the sauce was actually similar. I guessed the doneness level for all of them were medium-well. Though the T-Bone was slightly over-cooked, the sirloin and rib eye were perfectly cooked, since you still could see the pink color at the middle part. These two were tender and juicy. If you asked me which one was the best, I would answer that it depended on your preference regarding which part you enjoyed the most. As I preferred the thinner part, I would go for Sirloin. However, if I might choose, Tenderloin would definitely be lovelier as it definitely would have less fat.

Salmon (IDR 75k)

Red Snapper (IDR 75k)

Besides beef, I did try two of their fish-steak selections, Salmon and Red Snapper. Surprisingly, I loved the fish steak far more than the beef one, especially the Salmon. For me, Kemang Steak’s Salmon was surely not to be missed. It was so fresh that the texture was so soft and the skin was flawlessly crispy. Additionally, the seasonings were balanced, letting your taste bud to be pampered with the luscious taste.

Mixed Juice (IDR 20k)

Kemang Steak also had several signature beverages, all of which I tried today. This mixed juice was the blend of broccoli and kiwi, topped with various small-cut fruits. You could enjoy the health benefit without having to feel the veggie taste on your taste bud.

Es Kemang Cincau (IDR 25k)

Another one was Es Kemang Cincau, which served the combination of green grass jelly, basil, and syrup. It indeed looked simple, but the taste was actually nice and refreshing.

Fresh Lime Kemang (IDR 20k)

If you thought the previous two were quite heavy for beverages, then you might go for their Fresh Lime. Added with a little sugar, this drink delivered you sweet, sour, and refreshing taste simultaneously in a single glass.

In a nutshell, Kemang Steak is a restaurant where you can enjoy Indonesian version of steak in a modern ambiance, which you'll rarely find with other steak houses selling similar types of dishes. For you who wants to give a try for Kemang Steak, I recommend you their Salmon Steak; while for beverages, you might taste their signature ones. Talking about price, you needn't worry as all the dishes at Kemang Steak are highly affordable. The steaks range from IDR 55k to IDR 105k, while the beverages start from IDR 5k up to IDR 25k. If you live around PIK area, Kemang Steak even provides delivery service so you can enjoy the steak at your home. Happy trying! 

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8.5/10

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Kemang Steak
Address: Ruko Crown Golf A53, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: (021) 3368 8899
Operating hours: 11am – 11pm

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Petit Julien, An Ultimate Chocolate Bliss

Let’s say hello to this newly established chocolate bliss in town! Originated from Belgium, this freshly most-wanted place for any chocolate enthusiast is just two months old. The petite outlet is located at lower ground of Grand Indonesia, to be exact in the Food Zone. Though the venue is quite small, the design has successfully made me impressed as it made me felt as if I were in a European patisserie.

The waiter and waitress were so enthusiastic in greeting me and offered me their best-selling sweet tooth. They even looked very exciting when they explained the detailed ingredients of each of their cakes. And yes, they definitely made me want to order everything shown on the display. There are various choices provided, starting from chocolate-based cakes, waffles, cookies, even savoury dish like quiche.

Banana Praline Cremeux on Belgian Chocolate Tart (IDR 40k)

This cake was my sister’s, but as always I did try it. It was a very lovely combination of banana and chocolate. Oh, come on, what could ever go wrong when banana met chocolate? They would surely deliver you heaven on earth! The banana praline cremeux on the top part let you feel the strong banana taste on your taste bud. It was not too creamy and the taste was so refreshing. The chocolate tart at the bottom part came as the perfect base with strong chocolate taste. At first, I thought it would be quite hard to slice the crust as the texture was compact. Surprisingly, it was very easy to do so and both my sister and I really enjoyed this cake.

Belgian Chocolate Mousse Bomb (IDR 30k)

If you were the ones preferring cake in solid texture, you might love the previous one. However, if you fancy mousse cake more same as me, then the name of this cake would truly reflect the taste for you. It was indeed the bomb! Made of Belgian Chocolate, this rich chocolate mousse would doubtlessly satisfy any chocolate enthusiast. The sweetness and creaminess level were just right, and the chocolate glazing covering the cake made the presentation looked flawless.

Based on my experience in this very first visit, I recommend any chocolate fanatic out there to try Petit Julien. Both the cakes I tried were heart-stealing and there were many more displayed, which made me drool. I would definitely come back to try each, including their waffles!

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8.5/10

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Petit Julien
Address: Food Zone – Grand Indonesia West Mall LG / Jl. Puri Mutiara Kav. 38 Cipete
Phone: (021) 2944 6462

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sushi Party at Three Wise Monkeys

First time hearing there’s a new restaurant located around Senopati area called Three Wise Monkeys, I thought it was a Western restaurant selling typical Western menu like pizza, pasta, etc. Another thought was it was a coffee shop selling all-day brunch menu and coffee. However, browsing on the photos people taking here, I found out that I was totally wrong as actually this new restaurant was a Japanese restaurant specializing in Japanese dishes and beverages!

As reflected by the name, the restaurant used monkey as its design theme. So, you could see monkey everywhere, even at the toilet’s mirror LOL. This two-storey venue was very spacious and cozy. I was really pleased with the interior of the place, especially the second floor which was the non-smoking one, as they provided sofa and coffee table. Though I had to admit that it might be quite cumbersome enjoying Japanese dish with this type of table, but the sofa made it a cozy place to chill for quite long time. Besides, I really loved the way the place was decorated with big windows at the front side as it made the restaurant had amazing lighting.

Not only was the design, the service was satisfying as well. Without being asked, the waitress immediately offered and explained clearly about their best-selling dishes. She even mentioned the ingredients of each dish she offered to ensure that we indeed ordered the one we desired.

I was so happy that my very first visit to this place was with several friends so I could try quite many selections from their menu. As we decided that today would be a sushi day, so most of the dishes we ordered were sushi.

Salmon Skin Roll (IDR 35k)

Salmon Skin Roll seemed like a must-order dish every time I went to a Japanese restaurant with my friends. Yeah, so many of them were really in love with this roll, including me as well. The version of 3 Wise Monkeys brought out the combination of crispy salmon skin, vegetable, tobiko, and spicy mayo. I did not know whether it was a coincidence or not, but the portion consisted of 5 pieces of sushi roll, exactly the same number of us as I went there with 4 of my friends.

Presentation wise, this roll indeed did not look photogenic and I did believe I’ve never seen any photogenic Salmon Skin Roll. Talking about taste, this roll was lovely enough with the quite generous size of salmon skin. However, I thought there’s nothing special about this roll.

Aburi Salmon Cheese Roll (IDR 55k)

As I was indeed a cheese fanatic, I did look for sushi with cheese ingredient every time I visited a Japanese restaurant. Therefore, by the time I saw this Aburi Salmon Cheese Roll listed on the menu, I directly ordered it. It was actually the mixture of salmon, parmesan cheese, cream cheese, mayo, and seaweed. As expected, I loved this roll as I could get the combination of cheesy taste from the parmesan and cream cheese, as well as savory taste from the salmon put on top of the roll. The thickly cut salmon was fresh and tasted great. Moreover, the mentai sauce was certainly extra happiness for me!

Dragon Roll (IDR 69k)

This Dragon Roll was the winner among all dishes we ordered today in terms of presentation. It looked so engaging with the head and tail of the shrimp put as the decoration for the sushi. As you could see, besides shrimp, this sushi also served you with salmon and tobiko. The taste was nice and the portion was surely fulfilling, although I had to admit that this one was not really my favorite. I guessed the avocado was quite too much, somehow weakening the taste of the other components. Maybe if they put less avocado, this roll could have far better taste.

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll (IDR 72k)

Don’t judge this roll by its presentation! It might look not appealing at all, but trust me this one was the best roll among all. Yes, it was indeed the signature roll of Three Wise Monkeys. It served you the blend of salmon, cream cheese, kani stick, takwan, and mayonnaise; in a single special roll. The taste was impressive and addicting. It was definitely a must-try one if you visited this restaurant.

Soyu Butter Chicken (IDR 39k)

The only non-sushi menu ordered today was this Soyu Butter Chicken. This was also one of the most-recommended one according to the waitress. Basically, it looked and tasted like Chicken Teriyaki. However, thanks to the waitress for recommending dish as it indeed tasted wonderful. The chicken was so tender, the skin was quite crispy, and the soyu butter sauce was luscious! If 3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll was the must-try from the sushi menu, this one was the one that you surely wouldn’t want to miss from the non-sushi ones.

In my opinion, Three Wise Monkeys deserved a try. You could enjoy Japanese dishes in a restaurant with non-Japanese ambiance. Most importantly, it was quite affordable compared to similar Japanese restaurants.

Taste: 8/10
Place: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8.5/10

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Three Wise Monkeys
Address: Jl. Suryo No. 26
Phone: (021) 2912 6528, (021) 9630 4795
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 11am – 12am

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