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Meat Madness at Ribs & Bier Co.

For you who reside or often dine around Kelapa Gading area, I honestly admit that I really envy you. There are lots of delicious foods available there and last weekend, I just found another hidden gem, Ribs & Bier Co. Located at Ruko Graha Boulevard, the 2-storey venue is not as visible as most restaurants which are located by the side of the road, next to each other.  
I love the simple design of the venue, which is majorly dominated with wooden furniture. It is very cozy to spend your time chilling here for long time. As it starts to open at 3pm until midnight every day, most of the guests come here for afternoon meals, dinner, as well as supper. Not few of them also like to watch football match together (what so called as “Nonton Bareng”) with their friends here.

The service is highly satisfying as all the waiters and waitresses are highly responsive to any of my request. Moreover, I really love how knowledgeable they are in answering all my questions about the dishes they serve. One additional happiness for me is I don’t have to wait for too long to have all my dishes ready on the table.

Crispy Mushroom (IDR 35k)

Lately, I always start my dining session with appetizers, especially in any food-tasting events including this one. For me, appetizer must be perfect because most people will make judgment based on first impression and appetizer is indeed a major contributor in creating first impression. Great news, this crispy mushroom perfectly started my afternoon meal at Ribs & Co! It was crunchy, well-seasoned, and not greasy at all. Enjoying it with the sour and savory sauce, this dish doesn’t only look appealing but do taste succulent.

Chicken Nachos (IDR 40k)

Now the turn for the most commonly ordered appetizer, Nachos! So what’s so special with R&B’s version of this dish? I guess you can see it just by looking at the picture. Yes! That abundantly given mozzarella cheese on top of the nachos. As a cheese lover, this definitely became the one making me admire this dish. Combining that cheesy taste with the yummy chicken hidden under the nachos, this was another great opening after the first one.

R&B Co. Ribs Salad with Beef (IDR 39k)

Having something healthy for appetizer’s surely not a bad idea as well, so here’s the healthy appetizer served on the table. Yeah, actually there’s a little cheating element in the dish as we had quite generous grilled beef over there. I had to admit that the loveliest part of the dish was indeed the beef, which was tender and tasty. However, adding mixed green lettuce and blending all of them with the creamy cocktail sauce making healthy did not sound painful at all. PS. You might exchange the beef for pork if you desire :)

R&B Co. Cheese Burger (IDR 58k)

Enough with appetizers, now let’s go to the main course. Looking at the giant size, this cheese burger could be said as a definitely great deal. It served the complete combination of delicious and juicy beef patty; fresh and healthy veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce; and most importantly salty and tempting melted cheese. If you realized, there’s something unique about this burger, which was the sauce spread below the top grilled bun. Not to forget, you could enjoy this burger with onion rings and French fries as well.

Pork Stripped with Buttered Rice (IDR 45k)

Not only burger, I did try R&B’s rice-based dish. It was actually buttered rice, combined with boneless pork ribs, which have been fried with chili oil. Ideally, the taste should be sour and spicy. However, this dish did not really suit my palate as for me, the taste was quite plain and it's a little bit too greasy; maybe due to the chili oil. If I might suggest, they might have to add more seasonings and made the taste stronger, so the taste could be even better.

Grilled Chicken Steak (IDR 58k)

I really loved this steak as the part of the chicken chosen for this dish was the breast, which was definitely less greasy. This one could be said as a perfect cure to the previous one, which did not really suit my preference. This dish had strong taste, especially because it was accompanied by the creamy and succulent mushroom sauce. For you who did not really fancy creamy sauce, you did not need to worry as you still had the choice of black pepper or gravy. One important note, the mashed potato was so so so good and I immediately fell for it at the first spoon! It was well seasoned and the texture was so moist. You actually could go for fries if you preferred, but trust me, their mashed potato was must-try!

R&B Co. Pork Ribs (IDR 127k)

Finally, the signature dish from R&B Co., Pork Ribs! This was the one I had been waiting for as well as the one attracted me the most to visit this place. At a glance, this pork ribs might look not too huge as it was not as long as what you commonly saw for full-rack. Surprisingly, the actual portion was really fulfilling as the meat was quite thick. How’s the taste? Two thumbs up! As my foodie friends and I always took pictures before eating, we actually ate this dish when it was not warm anymore. Surprisingly, it tasted terrific! The texture was so tender and there’s no fats at all stuck on the ribs (I really hate when I find ribs with full of fats). Another great fact, though the ribs were not marinated with the barbeque sauce, I could strongly feel the taste of the sauce in each bite. Describing the dish in one statement, it was finger lickin’ good! No wonder R&B claimed itself as the specialist of ribs. To give you extra happiness, you could enjoy this dish with coleslaw and french fries.

R&B Co. Punch (IDR 32k)

For the drink, I decided to go for some of their mocktails as the weather was hot and I did need something cold and refreshing. First one was this Punch, which blended watermelon, pineapple, lychee, lemon, and peach. The taste was pretty delightful, but I preferred it to be less sweet.

Strawberry Sour (IDR 30k)

Different from the first one, this second drink brought more simple mixture; strawberry, lime juice, and soda. The presentation was so eye-catchy for me. This one was also nice as it combined sweet and sour taste. Nevertheless, I also thought it’d be better to be less sweet.

Passion Fruit (IDR 32k)

This one was my most favorite among the 3 mocktails I tried. Pineapple, lemon, and passion fruit were united to satisfy my thirst. Looking at the ingredients, you might guess how the taste would be. Yes, it was more to sour side and I guessed that’s why it suited me best.

Café Latte (IDR 28k)

This one belonged to my friend, but I knew that they used Tanamera coffee. As I’ve ever tried it right at Tanamera’s outlet, I knew how good the taste was. So you did not need to put any single doubt on this cup.


Another coffee-based drink was this Affogatto, which also belonged to my friend. The presentation was exceptional!
Brownies (IDR 38k)

Though I’d had so much scrumptious dishes, desserts were certainly not to be missed. So here’s deconstructed brownies with blueberry and chocolate sauce with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream as the first dessert served on the table. In terms of presentation and ingredients contained, this dessert was not that sophisticated. Nonetheless, wait until you had a try on it. This brownie was mind-blowing! The chef was so smart in playing with the sweetness level of each element; the cake itself was not that sweet, but the sauce and vanilla ice cream came as the perfect balancer.

Chocolate Lava (IDR 38k)

If the brownie was mind-blowing, then this Chocolate Lava was to die for! First of all, it was perfectly runny; flawlessly passing my first test on any Chocolate Lava. Next was taste. I just couldn’t get enough, and kept taking another spoon of it. The way this dessert combined slightly salty with sweet taste did cause me an addiction. Stunning and awesome!

Overall, I was really satisfied with my dining experience at Ribs & Bier Co. I highly recommend you to give a try on this hidden gem. Don’t forget, the dishes that you must never miss are their pork ribs, mashed potato, brownies, and chocolate lava! :)

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8.5/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Ruko Graha Boulevard Blok KGC No. B19, Jl. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading
Phone: (021) 2937 5227
Operating Hours: Sun – Thu 3pm – 00am, Fri – Sat 3pm – 2am

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